Dear Reader, Yes, the walk with God can be lonely sometimes. Yes, when God pulls you away from everyone, its lonely as hell. I am at my lonely stage, and though i trust and i know He has everything under control, my humanity cant help but make me want to be with my friends, to be … Continue reading


Hello My lovely Readers! WELCOME TO "DEAR READER.." I decided to include this section. Why? Because i needed to be very open and raw with you all. I know my blogposts already shows some aspects of that, but i needed this section to take an anonymous form, whereby as you read it, you can connect … Continue reading Intro

What you should know as you read my blogposts🤔🤔

I am not perfect, but i am learning to be vulnerable. My passion is to inspire all with my stories, experiences, and encounters with the Holy Spirit. Sometimes i wonder how having a blog fits into my crazy life right now.I am trying to balance school with leading a bible study/prayerline, i am trying to figure … Continue reading What you should know as you read my blogposts🤔🤔