She Prayed

I’m a big advocate of guarding your heart and not taking things like relationships too seriously until God gives the thumbs up. Explore your options, but always leave the door open ready to exit with your heart in your hands until God shuts it closed behind you. Basically, don’t awaken love before its time (Song of Solomon 8:4). But what about lust? What about those feelings that come with the thought of being with someone? They can be equally as dangerous, leading us down paths we shouldn’t be treading, and we all have them (yes, we do lol)

This morning I found myself doing something I’d never done before and brought them to God. I told Him, more than anything, I want to honor you – not just with my words and actions, but also my thoughts. And I asked Him to help me not awaken love before its time by meditating on my feelings.

Apparently talking to your Dad about sexual feelings really is a major turn off because they disappeared faster than they began LOL.
But the point is, we need not keep our feelings and love away from God. He created us this way and knows how we function. Our thoughts don’t surprise Him – He only wants us to give our desires to Him until just the right moment when we can give them to someone else.

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  1. inspiredGrisele says:

    I feel you. I pour out my heart same way to God and it feels great and more geunine

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    1. Judyโค says:

      It was truly a beautiful feeling!

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      1. inspiredGrisele says:

        yes being true to someone that already knows. No room for pretense really makes the feeling great

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